Gene Information

GENE name IKBKB interacting protein
MGI ID MGI:1914704
MOP ID MOP1510031
Full name

Phenotyping parameters

Significant Not Significant Not tested
Embryo phenotype
Reproductive system phenotype
Growth/size/body region phenotype
Homeostasis/metabolism phenotype or adipose tissue phenotype
Behavior/neurological phenotype or nervous system phenotype
Cardiovascular system phenotype
Respiratory system phenotype
Digestive/alimentary phenotype or liver/biliary system phenotype
Renal/urinary system phenotype
Limbs/digits/tail phenotype
Skeleton phenotype
Immune system phenotype or hematopoietic system phenotype
Muscle phenotype
Integument phenotype or pigmentation phenotype
Craniofacial phenotype
Hearing/vestibular/ear phenotype
Taste/olfaction phenotype
Endocrine/exocrine gland phenotype
Vision/eye phenotype

Significant Phenotype

Symbol System Phenotype Zyg Sex Age(weeks)
Behavior / Neurological phenotype or nervous system phenotype SHIRPA & Dymorphology 1) Fuji toe problem Hom Female 9W
  Hom Male
Open filed test   Hom Female 9W
  Hom Male
Cardiovascular system phenotype Heart weight measurment 1) tibia short Hom Female 15W
Hom Male
Muscle phenotype Grip Strength Test 1) weakening of front and back foot Hom Female 9W
  Hom Male
Skeleton phenotype X-ray   Hom Female 14W
  Hom Male
Dexa 1) Fuji toe problem Hom Female
  Hom Male
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