Gene: Romo1

Gene Information

Full name reactive oxygen species modulator 1
MGI ID MGI:1914317

Phenotyping parameters

Significant Not Significant Not tested
Embryo phenotype
Reproductive system phenotype
Growth/size/body region phenotype
Homeostasis/metabolism phenotype or adipose tissue phenotype
Behavior/neurological phenotype or nervous system phenotype
Cardiovascular system phenotype
Respiratory system phenotype
Digestive/alimentary phenotype or liver/biliary system phenotype
Renal/urinary system phenotype
Limbs/digits/tail phenotype
Skeleton phenotype
Immune system phenotype or hematopoietic system phenotype
Muscle phenotype
Integument phenotype or pigmentation phenotype
Craniofacial phenotype
Hearing/vestibular/ear phenotype
Taste/olfaction phenotype
Endocrine/exocrine gland phenotype
Vision/eye phenotype

Significant Phenotype

Symbol System Phenotype Zyg Sex Age(weeks)
Behavior / Neurological phenotype or nervous system phrnotype Open filed test 1) Average moving speed and total moving distance high Hom Female 9W
  Hom Male
SHIRPA & Dymorphology(Neuro)   Hom Female 9W
1) Rear thumb Hypertension (1/9) Hom Male
SHIRPA & Dymorphology(Behavioural)   Hom Female 9W
  Hom Male
SHIRPA & Dymorphology(Sensory)   Hom Female 9W
  Hom Male
Muscle phenotype Grip Strength Test   Hom Female 9W
1)Strengthening the forefoot muscles Hom Male
Skeleton phenotype X-ray   Hom Female 14W
1) Rear thumb Hypertension (1/9) Hom Male
Dexa   Hom Female
  Hom Male
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